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Background story

In 2009 we do across the American traveling on interstate 7, remember that it was a sunny and hot summer, although camping rest a night, still can not dispel the journey tired, ready to start the car found the power has run out, had to walk up the road to find passing vehicles, a "line" the Grand Cherokee stopped beside me, a whit hair, but the spirit is hale and hearty old roll down the window, and then very generous help. His name is Philips, he will return to Miami, we asked whether peers, he pointed to the car behind the spray of white letters -- EDCO, logo can be said to follow this. Since then, an aimless self driving tour becomes a soul journey.



20810 room,Yinhe SOHO tower B,No.2 nanzhugan hutong,chaoyangmen nei street,Dongcheng district,Beijing city,China.


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Company: EDCO(Beijing) outdoor products co., ltd
Enterprise Entity Business License: 110101015781739
Introduction: EDCO(Beijing) outdoor products co., ltd was founded in 2013, and that is "EDCO and triangle trademark" in Chinese brand holders and American EDCO outdoor products Co., Ltd in Chinese only "EDCO" and triangle trademark authorization. EDCO to operate professional outdoor products, the main products include climbing, hiking, camping, skiing and other outdoor clothing, shoes and equipment products. "EDCO" brand is committed to the development of outdoor sports industry in China, provide high quality, environmentally friendly outdoor products, as China develop outdoor sports contribute my own strength.